3 Must-have Paragliding Tools for Your Safety

Paragliding is an activity you must be completely prepared for. You will not have the best experience if you lack certain equipment. Fortunately, you can find the best paragliding shop that offers high-grade paragliding equipment and accessories. You only need to know which ones you should get to ensure your safety.

Not many can say they have tried paragliding before, so there is a sense of exclusiveness with those who have. However, it is a sports activity worth experiencing at least once in your life, so you should give it a try. Before you soar into the sky, make sure you have the right equipment to enjoy the activity as much as possible.

On this page, you will get to know the equipment and accessories you need for paragliding.


You will need a paragliding harness, especially if it is your first time experiencing this kind of activity. It is attached to the wing, using it to stand or sit while paragliding. This tool helps keep you warm and reduces wind resistance.

There are three categories of harnesses, so you need to know about them before deciding which one to buy. The first category is the standard upright harness, where your legs are not constricted during the entire duration of the paragliding activity.

The second category is called a reclined pod. In this category, your legs are placed in a speed bag, and they will be covered and wrapped while in the air. Finally, you have the specialist offerings, where they can be reversible and have other features used for other types of activities.


Most people would know about the wing or the canopy and the harness, but not many know what carabiners are. You may know it once you see it in front of you because it is one of the most vital parts or accessories for paragliding. After all, it acts as the shackle that keeps everything locked and safe.

You may want to look for steel carabiners that have a secure locking system. You can also make use of one that has a double locking system to ensure your safety. They must also be silicone lubricated to ensure effectiveness and durability. If you take good care of the carabiners, they will last a long time.

Hook Knives

You can never be too safe when undertaking risky activities such as paragliding, so all preventive measures must be considered. It includes double-checking that you have hook knives to cut the paraglider lines or release the harness webbing. Without it, you could end up getting injured because the lines will entangle you while you plunge into the water.

There are different kinds of hook knives you can choose from. Some are double-bladed, while others have open handles. There are hook knives made up of carbon fibre, and other products can also be made up of aluminium. It is up to you which you would prefer. As long as you buy from a reputable paragliding shop, you can trust these knives to work.

These are only three paragliding tools you will need when you go paragliding. Of course, there are other paragliding equipment and accessories you can look into. From helmets and gloves to bridles and even apparel, having the right tools will enhance your paragliding experience.

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