4 Surprising Ways to Style Cardigans

Cardigans are everyone’s top favourites when it comes to winter dressing. While styling them is no big mystery, differently draping them can make you the centre of attention wherever you go!

Listed below are some non-traditional ways to wear that pretty cardigan of yours. Read on and get enlightened.

Make It a Halter Top

Yes, this might seem a little too tricky, but that is not the case! You can quickly wear your cardi as a halter top with some tips and tricks.

Preferably go for a stretchy cardigan to get a comfortable style in the end. You should also have a zip or button. So, start by wearing your cardigans backward.

Post that, pull your arms outside the sleeves and tie them around the neck. You need to ensure that these sleeves are very secure. If so, you are good to go!

Turn It Upside Down

This innovative style is for people with cropped cardigans. If you love that piece of clothing but are desperately looking for a new way to style it, you are at the right place.

The easiest and convenient way is to flip your cardi upside down! Use a cropped one, crop tops, shrugs to include those extra layers, along with making it stylish.

So, first of all, flip the cardi in an upside-down manner. Now, slide your arms in the sleeves. This should not be difficult for you. Once you are correctly done setting the cardi, the length should be just the same as before.

Now that detailing on the shoulders will be at the bottom of the cardi, completely changing its previous look. You can also use this method using a cropped or a ruffled cardi to get an even more fabulous look.

Belt It Out

There isn’t a lot that a belt cannot solve. With the increase in popularity of using belts on almost anything, why would cardigans be behind? The plus point is that this style is pretty simple in the execution and the design.

It would help if you tried to take a longer cardi, which is not a slim fit to bring out the best look possible. In some scenarios, a flowing kimono cardi or a duster might also work.

So start by wrapping the cardi around your body. You could also zip or button it. This trick works pretty well for the open-front sweaters as well, although you might feel a few limitations here and there.

Once these steps are done, put on a statement belt on your waist region. The best part about this belt is that you can turn your simple cardi into a statement piece like never before.

To add to the look, you can go for some stylish shoes or heels according to the theme of the sweater or belt.

Flip It Around

Another cool way to carry that old cardi would be to flip it around and wear it on the other side. The whole look is pretty dramatic but bold at the same time.

Moreover, you can use a V neck cardi with zips and buttons to make it more wearable!

Wrapping Up

With the abundance of cardigans in your wardrobe, you are bound to get bored. Why not try some of these exciting new styles and figure which one suits you the best!

You are bound to make heads turn on the streets from the statement belt to the upside-down cardigan arrangement. Wear your confidence, and you are good to go!

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