5 Overrated Pet Products that Pet Parents can Skip Buying

Dog parents buy pet products to satisfy their puppy’s basic life needs. It can be tasty food that your puppy likes, toys that she loves to play with, or any other things which make your pup’s life easy. Unfortunately, most pet products are expensive. Therefore, pet parents must be wary of what they choose to buy. No one wants to spend pocket-full-of-bucks for poor-quality products which do not meet its specifications. But it is always advisable to get dog health insurance to mitigate the risk posed by unforeseen circumstances. Because animal medical diagnosis could be expensive these days and could end up hurting your pocket.

Nowadays, everyone does their online research before purchasing any product. So typically, people go for highly rated and positively reviewed products. Studies say pet parents mainly look for two criteria. First, they want their pets to be healthy after consumption if the product is edible. In other cases, the main lookout is durability. Products that get easily ripped apart prove to be a total waste of money and can also be a health hazard as pups can end up swallowing the broken parts and choke on them while playing.

Pet parents should be really careful while choosing these products and always be sure of the quality.

Here are some pet products you can unknowingly buy but are not worth the money

1.  Digital pet scale

Digital pet scales commit an accurate weight measurement of up to 100kg. The cost varies from around $50. Though such products enjoy a high rating from online retailers like Amazon, the durability of such products is not unquestioned. If your pet bears more-than-medium physical strength, it would be shattered before you put it together. Even for average-sized breeds, we do not recommend this because of the low-quality ABS thermoplastic body material, which your pet can easily wrench and swallow to attract trouble.

2. Adjustable dog ball

You can get impressed by the concept of this pet toy. These adjustable dog balls offer (as they commit) the integration of funny sounds, food dispensation, puzzle games, and many other functions. The idea, as it seems, is to promote brain development and mental health through puzzle games. Success in the game facilitates your pup with different kibble treats through adjustable licking holes. Unfortunately, the concept would mesmerize you, but after spending more than $20, you can be equally dismayed finding the ball broken, particularly if you own an aggressive breed. Also, the transparent top can be chewed and broken into itsy-bitsy pieces in a couple of minutes, and you do know the trouble you must deal with if your pet swallows some foreign plastic bodies!

3.  Chewing treats

Most product descriptions would announce that chewing treats can keep power chewers busy for hours together. But, in reality, even the common breeds end up eating them up in 5-10 minutes. In addition, they are expensive treats and though claimed, actually not easy-digestible.

Pup health complaints include vomiting, digestive troubles, and allergies after eating these.

4.  Water fountains

Water fountains are innovative products that encourage your pets to drink more water. However, the fountain effect of flowing water is not primarily available in products that cost below $70. In addition, for durability, you should opt for steel-made fountains, and the incurred expense would be higher.

5.  Rope toys

Rope toys are for entertaining your pet by engaging them in a tug-of-war. Unfortunately, these ropes often cause severe damage to their teeth and gum for constant scratching in synthetic ropes. In case of preexisting failing dental health, such games might break a puppy’s teeth and can be pretty painful for your pet.

You shouldn’t buy pet products that are of poor quality and can create health hazards for your pet. However, a dog health insurance policy can help take care of such unexpected animal medical expenses, so consider buying one for your mental peace and relief.

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