6 ways to master physics for your board preps!!

Physics is one topic that many students are super excited to give up because it includes difficult mathematical problems and principles. However, physics is a superb natural science that has added importance to our concept of the world and the enhancement of scientific improvements. Do you know there are really simple hacks you can learn to help you boost your ICSE physics class 10 results? In this article, we will look at some really simple methods for improving your physics grade for your upcoming board exams.

  1. Learn from the basics – Basics are everything when you are learning a subject like physics. We suggest- create a mind map to learn it better. Creating a concept map is a great way to expertise the fundamentals. It will help you in connecting the links of every concept. The mantra is to grasp the basic equations and how they are utilised. This is one of the recommended ways to enhance your ranks by tackling both easy and difficult physics problems of ICSE physics class 10.
  2. Learn how the equations are formed — Once you’ve learnt the fundamental equations used in ICSE physics class 10, the next step is to grasp why and how they are used.  This will aid you in getting along the relationship between the sums, and you will eventually be able to deal with all the problems in O-level physics and beyond. Learning how to deduce the equations will allow you to use them more effectively.
  3. Improve your mathematics too — Many mathematical elements can be found in physics. Improving your ability to solve mathematical equations and problems is one way to improve your physics grade. The right way to get this done is to study mathematics along with your physics. This is the easiest procedure for organizing the subject’s equations and problems. However, as you go ahead with your studies, this can often be easier said than done.
  4. Always verify your answers— Always practice answering physics problems while timing yourself. This will assist you in better managing yourself during exams. You should give yourself around half an hour or more to double-check your answers.
  5. Make use of all available physics resources — If you’re having issues in learning physics, you definitely should not try to do it alone. There are numerous options for getting assistance. Seek and use all given resources to gain a better understanding of the physics material. There are many free resources available. You could, for example, try:
  • Online free educational apps
  • ICSE physics class 10 books
  • Private Tutors
  1. Allow Enough Time for Revision — If you are receiving poor grades on mock and practice exams, it is possible that you are not allotting enough time for revision. While practice exams do not carry as much weight as actual exams in terms of overall scores, they will help you identify your weak points. However, you must review everything you have learned. Revision starts as you review your notes post the class. The most recommended revision hack for improvising your physics marks is to revise on a daily basis without having any room for a backlog of notes and topics that are being covered.

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