Career Scope in MATLAB Programming

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.”

The above-mentioned quote should be the notion of every programmer irrespective of what language they are using. Speaking of languages, there exists one Programming Language called MATLAB, which sure is one of the trending programming languages currently. 

Dive into the blog to find out all your need to know about MATLAB and the career scope coming along with it!

Overview of the Blog!

Programming is a fairly broad field that offers several career and personal development chances. It is simply essential to become a recognised specialist who understands what has to be done. Matlab careers are on the spike right now and there are many ways to pursue it; be it with a MATLAB online course or an offline one.

Hold your braces as we are taking a big ride into the nitty-gritty of MATLAB, but before that let’s check out what will be covered in this blog.

Table of Content-

  1. What is MATLAB?
  2. Why is MATLAB used?
  3. Prerequisites for learning MATLAB
  4. Career Scope in MATLAB Programming
  5. Wrapping it up!

What is MATLAB?

MathWorks’ MATLAB is a proprietary multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computation environment. MATLAB supports matrix manipulation, algorithm implementation, function and data visualisation, and interfacing with programmes written in other languages. 

It can manipulate matrices, visualise functions and data, implement algorithms, construct user interfaces, interface with high-level programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and FORTRAN, analyse data, design algorithms, and create applications and models. It features various embedded instructions and mathematical functions that aid you in mathematical computations, making graphs, and executing numerical procedures.

Now that we know what MATLAB basically is, let’s look into the need for MATLAB and where it is used.

Why is MATLAB used?

MATLAB is a popular computational programme in science and engineering, covering physics, chemistry, math, and all engineering disciplines. It’s employed in a variety of applications, including:

  • Communications and Signal Processing- MATLAB in collaboration with Simulink is used to make models for applications using Signal Processing.
  • Image and Video Processing- MATLAB has been widely used to process images and videos by using computer algorithms to improve the quality of digital assets. 
  • Test and Measurement- MATLAB may be used to interactively explore, conduct live visualisation, and analyse the data, once the data is gathered.

Except for the above-mentioned uses, there are many more uncountable uses of MATLAB, which will be almost impossible to pen down in this blog.

So, let’s take the idea of the importance of MATLAB from its uses of it and start with the prerequisites needed to learn MATLAB.

Prerequisites for learning MATLAB

There are no big prerequisites that are needed before learning MATLAB. However, some minute knowledge of the below-listed points would help you gain better, on your journey of learning MATLAB.

  1. Comprehension of high-level programming languages, such as Java or C++.
  2. Familiarity with some mathematical terms, like algebra, differential equations, matrices, etc.

Even though this seems to be so less of a prerequisite for learning MATLAB, there is one big condition that needs to be fulfilled as a prerequisite for learning MATLAB; the passion to learn and work with MATLAB. There are many learners who started with MATLAB but due to the vastness of the language and the ‘n’ number of uses, it had many learner-dropouts, which you need to avoid by having a strong determination.

Hope you have been gaining information through this blog so far. Let us now go through the heart of the blog; the career scope!

Career Scope of MATLAB Programming

We have carefully curated a list of job Profiles which you can aim for, after learning MATLAB. The average salary of a person using MATLAB in their job is Rs. 19 LPA in India. Let’s look into each profile and understand why MATLAB is vital for them.

1. MATLAB Programmer / Developer- 

You will be the driving force behind creating, testing, delivering, and extending technical content as well as carrying out the purpose and vision of MATLAB as a MATLAB Developer.

2. Data Scientist-

Data science is a topic that is expanding at a dizzying pace, and as the pervasive Internet of Things becomes more real, the need for experts in this area will only grow. Since MATLAB can call Python modules, familiarity with this programming language is also a significant advantage if you’re looking for work in this business. As the analysis of sensor data (such as video feeds) becomes more and more common, the same is true of the usage of MATLAB in this field.

3. Research Scientist- 

It’s critical to realise that MATLAB was primarily created as a language for scientific and mathematical applications rather than for the development of commercial software. Because it lacks the restrictions seen in the majority of other programming languages designed for software creation, it enables its user to swiftly construct programmes that answer a wide range of math and science-related issues.

We have reached almost the end of this blog and we hope you got the answers you were looking for. Let’s wrap this blog up with the gist.

 Wrapping it up!

MATLAB is a versatile tool. Being the most user-friendly language is its core goal. It enables matrix manipulation, function and data visualisation, algorithm implementation, user interface design, and communication with applications developed in other languages, such as C, Languages such as java, C#, Java, Fortran, and Python. Numerous businesses utilise MATLAB, and many additional features have been introduced. 

Learning MATLAB will surely be beneficial for your career and make it more comfortable by opting for MATLAB online courses. However, make sure to understand everything you need to know about it before opting for it.

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