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Investing in security is a big decision, and that is why it’s important to understand the risks, and the rewards of taking the plunge. We’ve put together a list of some of the most important factors to consider when investing in security.

About Contrast Security

Despite all the hype, Contrast Security isn’t just a one man show. The company has raised $269 million to date, which includes the aforementioned round from investors including Battery Ventures, Warburg Pincus, and Liberty Strategic Capital.

Contrast’s application security platform uses deep security instrumentation to detect vulnerabilities in applications. It uses an app based approach to provide context-specific guidance on how to remediate vulnerabilities laws4life. It also offers a security observability feature that allows enterprises to detect and mitigate known vulnerabilities in their applications. It also offers a ‘cloud’ based offering, which allows apps to be secured in the cloud, allowing companies to have all of their applications protected at all times.

It’s no surprise that Contrast is a winner when it comes to securing the most important assets of a digital business – code. Its arsenal of security tools includes a suite of code security solutions that enable enterprise developers to build security into the application from the ground up, as well as extend protection to their production apps. The company also has partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, which helps it to provide its customers with the most up-to-date and effective security solutions available lawyerdesk.

Contrast also has a slew of other products and services to help enterprises make the most of their software development efforts. The company has a robust developer ecosystem, which includes tens of thousands of developers working at the nation’s largest companies. The company’s suite of enterprise security products allows customers to build secure applications in minutes, with a focus on the cloud and on-premises deployments.

Series E round led by Liberty Strategic Capital

Founded by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Liberty Strategic Capital is a private equity firm that invests in technology and financial services companies. The firm’s portfolio includes cybersecurity technology firms BlueVoyant and Cybereason.

Liberty Strategic Capital’s latest investment is BlueVoyant, an enterprise solution to protect networks, supply chains, and data. The company recently announced it closed a $250 million Series D round. It will use the funding to further international expansion and product development. It also intends to use the funding to expand its go-to-market organization.

Liberty Strategic Capital has also invested in satellite technology firm Satellogic. BlueVoyant is an industry-leading internal and external cyber defense platform. This is the company’s first cybersecurity acquisition. SoftBank Corp will continue to hold a minority stake.

The mobile security market has seen a massive increase in demand over the last two years. According to Steven Mnuchin, mobile security is the front line of cybersecurity today. He expects the market to continue to accelerate in the years to come. In addition, he wants to invest more money into researching mobile vulnerabilities and endpoint security capabilities.

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Liberty Strategic Capital has led four investments so far. These investments are BlueVoyant, Cybereason, Contrast Security, and Zimperium. All four firms have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to help them develop globally. In addition to Liberty Strategic Capital, the investments were made with investors including SoftBank Corp, Liberty Global Ventures, and Temasek-backed ISTARI.

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