Effect of Buddy Program on Academic Life of Children

Students these days are working hard to achieve their academic goals and in order to do so they are opting for all the new and modern techniques and tools with help of which students become able to attain the decided benchmarks of their academic life. Following the same concept some schools these days are opting for a buddy program which is a very interesting concept for teaching student’s new things that are fun too. In a buddy program is a systematic strategy to pair students with each other (usually younger children are being paired with older children).

This program completely depends upon harmony between both the students while this program. This also demonstrates the potential of the students and eagerness in students to attain knowledge and capacity to sustain. Interesting scenario is that this arrangement is not limited to the learners only but also few educational institutions are organizing these programs for the families who are new to the educational institution and they have scarce knowledge regarding the educational and other facilities of school. Schools and educational institutions are using buddy programs also to elaborate the benefits of getting associated with them.

It is discovered in many researches that friendship is the best tool which enhances the social skill set in children very easily. Friendships like this improve and give some essential skills of life like tips regarding social behaviourism & attain honour in the eyes of other people and this trait makes a learner face no difficulty while making

social and emotional communications. A learner having such jolly friendship at educational institutions attain a very successful academic life. This happens because when students become adults and begin to live their own social life then skills of social behaviourism assist them to live a successful and peaceful life. This kind of back up and cooperation which comes in the form of good friendship or helpful buddies keep the roots of mental well-being healthy and makes the student strong enough to tackle challenges related to social, emotional and personal life. It is just like the work procedure of school management ERP software because school management ERP software also cooperates with school management in order to bring the unbalanced management process back on track. It is observed that a best friendship at an educational institution keeps the learner engaged enthusiastically with school life often. And when kids enjoy learning with complete devotion at school then they learn with deep focus and gain a lot of good information and knowledge. This is very common that learners learn and memorize much better when they are in company of their dear buddies in colleges or schools and they don’t feel like studying usually when these buddies are absent in the class due to any reason. It is so because buddies who learn together, they not only boost up the morale of each other but also cooperate with each other to understand tough lessons and topics and simplify the subjects for each other.

 It is a kind of best learning method because during study with friends one can ask his or her queries and questions without any hesitation and can get all the solutions too and that too in simplest other than that of the tough methods taught by tutors in the class. It is so because when the tutor will be the friend then he or she will also want the same simplest solution of the questions and this benefits a lot while exams. All the friends in the group will look towards the problems or questions in their own perspectives which will be different from others. And when all the friends will discuss their perspective on the topic then students will get the best perspective among several opinions about a topic which will enhance their knowledge and information. Every student makes notes in the class and still gets less marks in the exams. This issue also gets solved during studying with friends because while studying with them students get to compare their notes and come to learn new methods of making notes and can improve their notes making skills and can earn good marks in the class. During group study with friends, one learns about a new learning skill which sometimes seems much better and easier than a student was following till now and then he or she gets new ways for learning Chemistry Past Papers and Answers, memorizing, new tricks to solve math problems in less time etc. In this way there are a lot of good changes with the help of friends in learning patterns.

It is discovered in many researches that usually a best buddy saves his/her friend from falling into the pit of depression and stress whenever his/her buddy fails and goes through a negative impact of it. It is like an effective tool of modern education i.e. ERP in school is so because ERP in school also saves the administration of school from falling into scattered management and maintains the school management. When students face transition that too in student life as well as in age, then they become very confused as well as stressed too. Their minds get filled with a lot of dilemmas. In such a condition of confusion where students spend the whole time thinking about what to do and what not to, a best friend proves to be the best guidance and support, with whom the student can discuss and elaborate all the tough situations and questions whirling in the mind which is bothering them badly. The moral support which a learner gets from his/her buddy can’t be compared with other relations because other relations can console the learner but can’t go through the tough situations of student life having hand in hand. And in such conditions where a student wants someone to not only understand him/her but to help also, the buddy program proves to be the most needful resource. This program makes the students strong enough to face the failures and difficulties of learning and attaining knowledge in most effective ways. That is why it is the most demanded learning method among students.

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