Every Feature to Consider Before Choosing a Dough Mixer

Preparing dough for making bread is not an easy task and a good dough mixer is required to make the work easier. This article will explain and give the features to consider before buying a good mixer. Also, it will guide the user on how the mixer works, What are the merits and demerits of the dough mixer.

What is a Dough Mixer

It is a kitchen appliance able to thoroughly mix the dry and wet yeast ingredients for bread and pizza dough. The appliance mix flour and water until there is gluten developed.

Qualities of a Good High-Quality Bread Dough Mixer

  • A mixer should have strong mechanism hardware that will not wear out after a few dough mixing tasks. Should be durable.
  • It should have a strong enough motor or power to handle different types of dough mixing without struggle.
  • It should be Heavy or be strong to stay put during the process of kneading dough
  • To avoid over-kneading, the mixer should have an adjustable speed
  • To encourage kneading properly, buy the dough mixer with an S-shaped hook instead of a C-shaped
  • A good mixer should have a large mixing bowl to grant dough rising
  • Buy a mixer that is versatile to accommodate both small and large mixers of dough that need to be kneaded

How does Dough Mixer Work

  • First, gather all the ingredients required
  • Ensure you have the required quantities by measuring the on a scale
  • Mix the ingredients in their right quantity and start the kneading process
  • once gluten is realized, cover your dough
  • After giving the dough a few minutes, start baking bread, cakes, etc

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dough Mixer

  • Bowl capacity: Depending on the type of business and what the mixer will be used for, always ensure that the bowl can hold enough amount of water before adding any other ingredients.
  • Flour Capacity: Flour capacity is very vital because as a baker you will save power and time. Bakers know that preparing enough dough in enough size in the oven will ease the process instead of preparing dough more than once. Always consider this factor to avoid switching the oven for you to achieve efficiency on time, power, and labor.
  • Budget: If you are looking to buy a dough mixer in Kenya then budget will be a key factor before you can go ahead with this investment. Dough mixer price in Kenya will depend on the type of mixer you intend to buy either a commercial dough mixer for big bakeries, hand held mixer used for the home kitchen, and finally a commercial mixed not very big which are used by the supermarket and small bakery shops.

Benefits of Stand Dough Mixer

  • They mix ingredients thoroughly and make sure to guarantee smooth dough
  • The mixer uses less time to complete the preparation
  • It is more thorough, and faster and the outcome is desirable better than other methods.

Disadvantages of using Stand Dough Mixer

  • They are not strong enough to do some mixing and may end up disappointing you.


This particular kitchen appliance is very important if one is running a barkery and it is advisable to consider the factors above before you can invest in the item. Always make sure to make the right selection depending on where the dough mixer will be used. Either commercial for big factories or small ones for the home kitchen.

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