Factors You Need to Know About Hot Air Blower

In today’s world, DIY jobs have vastly grown to the point certain professions are almost considered obsolete. Various tasks such as plumbing or even setting up your furniture or shelf, have numerous guides showing how to do it properly. We will look at one tool that makes DIY jobs much easier, the hot air blower

A hot air blower can be described as, or seen as, a hair drier with more power output. It is a tool that can be used for various home repairs function and is a must-have tool for any DIY job. It was initially known for stripping paint, or welding or bending plastic, but over the years, it has been improved and now has various functionalities.

There are different types of hot air blowers, but they all fall under four main categories mainly;

  • Gas Guns –mainly use gas(butane or propane) as a heating element. Although they are regarded as less popular due to their expensive price range it is highly recommended when there is a lack of a general power supply.
  • Electrical Guns– are either corded or cordless and  masstamilan vary from size to size, but all are powered by electricity. Electrical guns are popular because they are cost-effective and are more advanced in terms of temperature range and control.
  • Industrial Guns – are robust and are more powerful as opposed to electric and gas hot air guns. They are mainly used in various industries since they have high heat levels and consume a vast amount of power. They are used by professionals at workplaces to perform heavy-duty jobs.
  • Infrared Guns – use infrared heat and are mainly used for DIY jobs at homes. They are relatively new in the market and are very cost-effective. They are only able to produce a maximum of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and hence are most suited for minor jobs.

What should I consider before purchasing a hot air blower?

It is also crucial to know various factors before purchasing a heat gun since they can be dangerous tools when mishandled. Although heat guns do not use an open flame, it can produce temperatures of at least 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. They also vary in size, hot air flow, and power. Below are but a few factors you need to consider before purchasing one.

Temperature Produced

Knowing the temperature range produced by a hot air blower helps one realize the type of work the gun can handle. It is unlikely that a blower ranging in temperatures of 120 -500 will be capable of handling heavy jobs such as stripping paint. Depending on the type of job, always check the range of temperatures on the air blower.

Temperature Setting

Having a hot air blower with an adjustable temperature is convenient, especially when doing jobs that require high accuracy. Basic models have standard settings that offer at least 3 temperature settings that a user can choose. The more advanced model has the more specific its settings are, allowing you to fully control the temperature on the hot air blower.


Different hot air blowers generally come with detachable nozzles that are changeable. This feature allows a user to focus on the heat produced, improving its accuracy. Each nozzle has a specific purpose, and they come with heat resistance features that enable it to maintain its shape, increasing its durability.

In conclusion, heat blowers have numerous functions within a home or in industries, but they are also very dangerous and can seriously injure an individual. These factors should be considered when trying to purchase a hot air blower, as well as a means to provide safety to you.

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