How does cyber security help protect your business?

During COVID-19 lockdowns, a cybercrime was registered every eight minutes in Australia, with hackers taking advantage of the vast number of people working from home. According to the current official assessment from the federal government, malicious cyber actors are taking advantage of the COVID outbreak and are specifically targeting susceptible Australians, businesses, and health care services. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has released its second annual danger report, revealing that over 67,500 cybercrime claims were filed in the previous financial year, up 13% from the previous year. Last year, around a quarter of cybersecurity incidents notified to the ACSC, were related to vital infrastructure or key services in Australia, such as education, communications, power, water, and transportation. This is why hiring the services of a company that specialises in cyber security for businesses is necessary. Consider the following reasons for partnering with a cyber security company in Australia today:

Defend your company from cyber-attacks

The primary goal of a cyber security service is to defend your company from all types of cyber-attacks. To keep hackers and malware at bay, they will implement security measures. To that end, their services revolve upon constantly updating your defences and monitoring network activity.

Identify your network infrastructure’s weaknesses.

Your network may contain security holes that allow attackers to get access to your machine. When you employ a cyber security company in Australia, among the first things they’ll do is conduct a vulnerability audit of your entire network. They’ll then present their results to you and devise a plan to repair the gaps in your network’s security and strengthen it.

Make cybersecurity training available.

Your company’s personnel can be your weakest point if they aren’t properly trained. Human mistakes accounted for 27% of the core causes of data breaches, as per the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of a Breach Study. Employees will learn proper cyber security behaviours through cyber security training, which will reduce these percentages.

Upgrade your cybersecurity protections.

Patch management will be performed on every device connected to the network by cyber security organisations regularly. Each piece of network hardware has the potential to have security flaws in its operating system. IT teams apply these fixes on their devices once the authors of these apps “patch” these security gaps regularly. Your cyber security provider will apply these fixes and maintain them up to date to defend your network from viruses that exploit flaws.

Help your company with compliance.

As massive data breaches become more widely known, governments are increasingly shifting the burden of safeguarding customer data to enterprises and businesses. They pass laws to do this, and those who do not comply are fined.

The European Union, for example, implemented the General Data Protection Regulation to avoid data breaches and combat cybercrime by requiring businesses to plan for these potential risks. Along with the damages arising from a breach, failure to comply with any of the GDPR’s regulations can result in fines for the guilty firm.

By maintaining your networks up to date, a cyber security service can assist your organisation in meeting these laws. They’ll also assist you in developing Cybersecurity Interview Questions policies for your firm so that you stay compliant.

As you’ve seen, a cyber security company in Australia can help your company in various ways. The underlying value of collaborating with a cyber security firm is that it will assist your company in growing by ensuring business continuity and creating a work atmosphere where employees feel secure. A safe working environment, as well as a clean reputation, can ensure your company’s long-term success.

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