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How Important is Social Media Presence for Your Auto Dealership?

Over the last decade, social media has changed how companies market their products and services. Because of this change, new professions such as social media marketers, SM Managers, influencers, SM campaigners, etc., emerged. The effect can be seen in the automobile industry as well. Social media marketing is necessary for an auto dealer via Snapchat ads or Instagram stories. If you hire a social media marketing agency, you will understand how much they can change your business.

As most ordinary folks are on social media now, you can grab their attention using the same platforms. Just like the SM marketing agency can, you too can use social media to its full potential. Snapchat ads are what most companies use to spread information about their new offers and other advertisements. The agencies are also called social media accelerators.

If you look into the statistics, you will see that most of the Snapchat users are between the ages of eighteen to thirty-five, which is when people start buying cars and even reselling them.

Now, how can sales increase, and how to inform the customers about the new offers and launches.?

Are there any advantages of hiring an online/social media marketing agency for your company?

If you are looking for a company that can help grow the business of the auto dealer via Snapchat ads, or any other social media platform, it is the best idea. So to see what these agencies can do to your dealership.

Show your inventory and dealership to the world.

With frequent short videos captured using smartphones, the agency will update Snapchat stories by the dealership’s name or some individual. These videos last for 24 hours, and they will get more views with paid service. The people will get to see your dealership and how good it is, and gradually, more people will come to know about your dealership.

Share coupons or deals

Sharing instant deals or coupons that must be redeemed immediately is the best way to attract customers. For example, you can use a Snapchat-only coupon or “Coupon Snap,” which is an excellent tool for attracting customers. It will help the people who want to change their oil or a quick wash (interior/exterior) of their vehicle.

Promote holiday giveaway

When the holiday season arrives, people will be busy shopping and travelling. But, if you promote a special Snapchat Holiday Sales Event, you can attract many. How? During the holidays, people will be at home and spending time using their social media, and your offers can reach them.

Bridge the social channels

Allow your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers to know you are on Snapchat. When you offer exclusive deals to your Snapchat followers, you will grow your millennial and Gen Z car lovers/buyers.

This is the easiest way to get the attention of the young generation, who happens to be the majority of the customers in the automobile industry.

Highlight new buyer experience

Whenever you are making a sale to your customer or handing over the key, you can highlight these moments on Snapchat. Your social media agency knows exactly how it should be captured and uploaded on different platforms.

These are the work of the social media agency you will hire. Because of their highly skilled social media marketers and years of experience in the industry, your dealership will have a strong presence on all social media platforms, including Snapchat.

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