How long do symptoms of cholera last?

It’s best to know how to identify cholera symptoms before traveling to tropical regions. While the disease rarely affects the Western world, it can be particularly deadly in regions where sanitation is poor or crowded, and where there is war or famine. Listed below are the most common signs and symptoms of cholera. Hopefully this information will keep you safe when traveling to these areas. However, it’s always best to seek medical attention if you are unsure of the condition.

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Infected people who have the bacteria V. cholerae do not develop any symptoms, and the bacteria remain present in their feces for up to ten days after infection. These bacteria can infect other people who ingest them, but a minority of infected individuals develop acute watery diarrhoea and die. While cholera has been around since ancient times, there have been six pandemics, including the recent one. By April 2013, more than six million cases of the disease had been reported in Haiti, and more than eight thousand deaths were reported.

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The first cholera outbreak started in India in 1881 and continued through the twentieth century. The bacterial strain that causes the disease, Vibrio cholerae, is named after a German doctor who discovered it in 1883. In 1904, a cholera outbreak begins in Indonesia and continues to cause devastating losses in Africa. The bacterium responsible for cholera is found in soil, food, and water, so it’s imperative to treat it early.How can you know best online website so click now: happn If you want to get latest new site so visit econtentmags and you can also check here ilounge.

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