How to bet on the world cup | qatar 2022 betting guide

The qatar world cup 2022 will be one of the most watched events on television during the coming winter, a unique tournament that will be followed by both football fans and sports fans in general. In addition, many of them will dedicate part of their time to betting for this edition, but not all of them know how to bet on the world cup. This is where we come in to offer you our help!

Even though it takes place every four years, you can bet at any time as there are always odds available and long-term betting opportunities to take advantage of. In case you have doubts about how to bet on the qatar 2022 world cup, in this article we are going to offer you all the steps to celebrate the victories of your favorite teams while collecting profits through your predictions.

What you should know about the qatar world cup 2022?

For the first time in history, the world cup will not be held in the summer, but will have to wait until the winter of 2022 to see the 32 teams that will participate in the final phase in action. This decision is motivated by the weather in qatar, incompatible with the practice of football in june and july, so it will directly affect the main national leagues in much of the world and, therefore, also your bets.

After the draw for the group stage, it does not seem that any of them can be considered as the “group of death”, but we will have to be attentive to group e, where the teams of spain and germany have fallen framed, two one of the favorites to win the 2022 bursa taruhan piala dunia 2022 world cup .

This implies that teams such as brazil, argentina, belgium or france have the possibility of meeting the predictions and finishing in first place in their respective groups, which would allow the presence of a good part of the candidates for the title in the most advanced rounds.

That yes, in those rounds there will be no teams like italy or colombia, dismounted in their respective qualifying phases, and we will not be able to enjoy the presence of stars of the level of erling haaland, zlatan ibrahimovic or jan oblak, since their teams have not achieved either access to the 2022 world cup.

Steps to bet on the world cup

When you have selected your bookmaker, you will have to register as a user . Each of them has a particular process, but broadly speaking, these are the steps you must take before starting to bet:

  • Choose one or several bookmakers that catch your attention.
  • Click on the “register” button, usually located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the form that will appear, complete all the requested fields with real information.
  • Select a payment method to make your first deposit .
  • If the bookmaker allows it, redeem the welcome bonus or the available promotions.
  • Check your email, since in it you will find the registration confirmation. (don’t forget the spam folder).
  • You are now ready to bet!

What kind of bets can i place on the world cup?

The possibilities for betting are practically endless. From individual bets on matches to future or live bets, the biggest problem can come if you don’t know each type of bet, and for that reason we are going to explain how to deal with each one of them.

Bets to the winner or bets 1×2

We start with the easiest bets. In the winner bets you choose the team that you think will achieve victory, being aware that the favorite to achieve it will offer lower profits, while the victory of the underdog will be the one that makes you obtain greater profits.

Handicap betting

Let’s go with more complex bets. Handicap betting invites you to bet on the number of goals by which a team will win or lose. For example, if you put a spread of -1.5 for brazil, they will have to win the match by two or more goals. On the other hand, if we see a +1.5 spread for cameroon, they cannot lose by more than one goal for that bet to be declared a winner.

Bets more/less (over/under)

More /less bets are another of the simplest options in the world of betting, since in this case it is a question of betting for a higher or lower amount compared to the total goals proposed by the sportbook. For example, if the total in spain vs germany is set to 4.5 and you bet for a higher amount, it means that more than five goals will have to be recorded for you to win that bet.

Live bets

In case you want to bet on a specific match that has already started, you should know that many bookmakers allow live betting , but in this case, the odds will vary depending on what happens during that match . In this way, and thanks to the options offered by live betting, it is convenient to make the bet at the most opportune moment to try to obtain the greatest benefits.

Future bets and special bets

One of the concepts that you should know when it comes to knowing how to bet on the qatar world cup 2022 is that it is not necessary to wait for the event to start. Odds are now available for each selection and big wins can be made by betting on the right team at the right time. This is one of the options that you can find within the different markets that make up future bets, in which you will also find markets to bet on situations such as the following:

  • 1 – teams that will advance from the group stage
  • 2 – winner of the ballon d’or
  • 3 – winner of the golden shoe

The World Cup is without a doubt the most anticipated sport in the world. In 2018, about 3.5 billion people watched the competition when it took place in Russia. Currently, the 2022 edition is set to break all popular records as research shows that there may be as many as 5 billion people who will divert their attention to it.

Considering the fact that the 2022 World Cup is just around the corner, we decided to join the bandwagon and provide a comprehensive guide to the competition and write down everything you need to know. Let’s get down to business.

Betting on the World Cup

Another event popular with sports fans during the World Cup is gambling. Gambling books, especially online books, report a significant increase in gambling activity at this time. Thats why they offer individual bonuses and promotions that can be used to boost potential rewards.

One of the world’s leading gamblers at the World Cup is Germany. In 2021, the estimated value of the online gambling industry (gambling over the counter) was more than $ 6 billion. Since online gambling is legal, fans enjoy gambling on games.

Ehezve, if exhibitors are looking to register and bet on the air, they are looking for a sports book with the best World Cup 2022 odds in Germany. The better the incompatibility, the higher the rewards can be.

So, if you are looking to gamble at the World Cup, you will be thrilled to know that you will have many options – the lowest and most recent sports betting will be yours.

Dates, Locations and Teams

As mentioned earlier, the 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar. The opening game will take place on May 21 and the match will last until December 18. Now, you may be wondering what is connected with that winter edition of the World Cup? The answer is simple – Qatar faces extreme heat during the summer and it would not have made the Cup take place there.

There will be 32 teams competing in the eight divisions. Senegal will play the Netherlands at Al Thumama Stadium; this will be the first match of the match and will be followed by the couple playing against Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium.

Many think that this is going to be a very competitive tournament and it is difficult to see that any team will be able to remain undefeated.

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