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How To Clean Different Types of Fly Screens?

A fly screen is used for covering the doors and windows and protects our home from insects, mosquitos, and pollutants. The wire mesh covering allows you to enjoy the outside view while also providing proper airflow. However, since they are exposed to outside dirt, debris, dust, and pollutants, they need to be cleaned regularly. This way, they can be kept pristine and clean for a longer period while keeping the insects away.

A fly screen also improves the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, if it has become quite old and deteriorated after repeated use and cleaning for years, then you need to replace them with a new set to enhance the beauty of your home.

Buying new and premium quality fly screen

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Frequency of cleaning a fly screen

There are different types of screens and the frequency of cleaning depends on the type of fly screen used in your home. It is advised to clean a fly screen every three months. However, a fly screen used in homes near coastal areas needs to be cleaned more often, like every week.

A fly screen can be cleaned with basic products like soapy water, scrubs, and a garden hose. Avoid using any harsh chemicals and scrub gently so that there is no dent or the mesh is not damaged.

Cleaning a magnetic fly screen

The retractable magnetic fly screen can be peeled away and then cleaned separately.

  • The wire mesh can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Magnetic surfaces and the strips can be cleaned with damp cloths.

Cleaning fixed screens

  • Fixed screens have to be cleaned in their place.
  • The dust and debris of fixed screens can be cleaned with air compressors, simple dusters, and brushes.
  • For deeper cleaning, wipe off the dust with a scrub and soapy water.

Cleaning removable screens

Removable screens are the most convenient ones to clean.

  • Simply remove them and take them out in the yard or garden and clean them.
  • You may clean with a garden hose pipe spray to wipe off all the dust and debris accumulated.
  • You can also clean them with soft brushes and soapy water.

A fly screen works as a barrier or protector from unwanted outside materials and so they are likely to get dirty with time. Cleaning them regularly is important so that you can see through them. It is advised to use dusters and lint rollers at least once a week to remove the dust on the screens. For deep cleaning, wash them with soap water, and detergent and scrub them off from the accumulated dust.

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