How to feed a horse correctly

Feeding a horse correctly is easy, as long as we have very clear concepts. Some people think that because it is a strong and vigorous animal, it needs a lot of food and that statement is far from reality.

The horse is a herbivorous animal with a very small stomach, designed to ingest small amounts of food many times a day. If the horse is not free and does not have grass on demand, its feeding is our responsibility. The ideal is to feed him several times a day a compound feed for horses that completes the forage. Depending on the exercise that each horse does, the work that we demand of it and its size, we must provide certain amounts.

What are the guidelines for feeding a horse well?

– Feed him several times a day.

– Establish a feeding routine following the same schedules.

– Do not change the routine unnecessarily, as it could cause disorders.

– Allow at least an hour to rest after eating.

– Exercise the horse daily, even if it is not in the competition period, since the lack of movement causes gas and digestive problems.

– Provide fresh water, especially in times of high heat.

– Provide quality hourse foods. You can rely on Naf products.

Can we give treats to our horses?

Of course, in addition to specific feed or food for horses, we can provide some healthy treats for our equine friends. They love apples or carrots and they provide natural vitamins. When the horse’s diet is supplemented with sweets, we must be careful not to provide too much sugar, as it can excite and make the horse nervous, especially in sugar-sensitive horses.

Horse care in summer

High temperatures affect us all and horses suffer especially. For this reason, in summer and in the face of heat waves, you have to watch your diet and especially your hydration. We must provide them with enough water and monitor their temperature, which should not exceed 10-14 degrees.

Beware of excessive sweating in horses in summer

Just like humans, horses sweat more in high temperatures. This excessive sweating causes the loss of salts such as sodium, potassium, chlorine and calcium. Given these deficiencies, its vigor and potency may be affected. What can we do? Some equine feed brands such as Pavo Horsefood have specific products to make up for mineral salt deficiencies in hot weather. In addition to that, this brand has feed low in sugar and starch for a healthy diet for the horse.

Equine exercise in summer

As recommended for people in summer, horses should not be exercised in the middle of the day. If we subject them to an extra exercise, for example a pilgrimage or summer races, we will have to refresh them. How do you cool off a horse? It is best to give him a shower, starting with the legs and going up to the abdomen. This must be done once you have stopped sweating and check that the water is not too cold.

With these tips we hope to have clarified your doubts about how to feed horses and their specific care in summer. Enjoy your vacations!

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