How to Increase CTR and Sales Using SEO for E-Commerce Websites?

There is a strong correlation between high-quality SEO and improved search rankings. We all know what higher search rankings will do for CTR and sales of a website. While CTR and sales can be increased through online advertising, SEO helps improve these metrics organically, that is, without any cost.

The easiest way to improve SEO for your e-commerce website is to approach a professional ecommerce SEO services company. They would assess your needs, evaluate the strength of your website and optimize it to maximize CTR and, thus, sales.

Know Your Analytics

Google and most search engines provide detailed search analysis. Invest time in understanding the data. This data will show the pages that are not generating as much CTR as others. 

Target these pages and improve the quality of content. Avoid guessing which pages are doing poorly and always rely on search reports. Search analytics data allows you to be precise in your SEO efforts. Professional SEO services do a good job of surfacing this data for you regularly.

Use Keywords Smartly

Rankings, CTR, and sales are based on two simple things – The user’s search query and keywords on your site. If you reverse engineer this, you have to know what your potential customers will be searching for. Once you know that, make sure your content is relevant to that search.

Add your most important keywords to your website’s metadata, titles, and content. The trick is to make the search engine realize that your site is the most relevant result for the search. Most ecommerce SEO services companies provide specific keyword optimization services.

Beware of Cannibalization of Keywords

If you choose to work on SEO for your site on your own, beware of the most common mistake of keyword cannibalization. This mistake is committed when people use the same keywords across all pages. 

To avoid keyword cannibalization, treat each page as a specific entity. Optimize the page with keywords that are solely relevant to the page content. Each page stands on its own and stands the highest chance of showing up on the search results. SEO services companies pay special attention to the cannibalization of keywords.

Do not Neglect on-Page SEO.

On Page SEO is a set of specific optimization techniques implemented on the site. It is done with the specific purpose of achieving a higher search engine ranking for the page. 

This optimization technique works on content and the technical elements of the page. While the content needs to be optimized to have the targeted keywords, there is a lot of specific work done on the site elements. 

Variables like site speed and the alternate text used for images also impact the page rank. So, page responsiveness also needs to be optimized apart from optimizing the website elements like URLs and metadata. e-Commerce SEO services companies specialize in this type of website optimization.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

An increasing number of online purchases now happen online. Mobile devices also make it very easy for users to compare multiple sellers. Both these aspects need to be kept in mind while working on SEO. Professional SEO services companies have separate departments for optimizing websites for mobile devices.

Create a mobile version of your site that loads quickly and is optimized for a smaller screen size. Go a step further and make sure that your site’s buying flow is optimized for mobile devices. Often, SEO specialists stop at creating a mobile site. But the buying experience on mobile is what improves sales.

While optimizing a website, be aware of your competitors’ prices and the sophistication of their websites. Match the experience of buying on your site simply and to the point for the users. 

Use the Right Tools

SEO is a well-researched and well-served aspect of the e-commerce world. There is a free tool available for every problem SEO specialists face. Take advantage of this ecosystem. eCommerce SEO services companies have licensed tools that allow website owners to build an effective website.

Use tools like Google Analytics and SmallSEOTools for data and analysis of your website’s web traffic. Use the Google Keyword Planner tool to identify the popular keywords people use to search for buying products you sell. 


SEO optimization is key to improving the search engine rankings of your e-commerce website. Invest time and money to get this right, and you will see your CTR and sales going up. If you do not want to work on SEO yourself, hire a good professional SEO services company to do it for you.

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