How to play slots in the bedroom to be lucky

The bedroom is another popular place that many slot spinners use to play online slots. Because the bedroom provides high privacy, safety, and protection from various dangers as well. Especially late-night PG SLOT 818king riders who play slots overnight.

When he started to feel sleepy, he left the game, left his smartphone next to him, and lay down. When I woke up, I grabbed my smartphone and continued to spin the slot. The bedroom is therefore a battlefield in slot warfare that plays a very important role in your lifestyle. Therefore, you should arrange your bedroom area to facilitate loot. Align the bed correctly the direction of sleep is one of the ancient beliefs that have been passed down to the present day. The head of the bed should not face the west. Because it is the direction of the dead, believed to bring bad things the bed should face east or north is best.

The lighting must be sufficient. In our bedroom, there should be enough light

Because positive energy always comes with the light. You may open a window or turn on a light to allow more light. It will help prevent bad eyesight when staring at the phone. Try playing PG SLOT for a long time. Amulet to summon property must have You may bring a talisman to summon wealth and place it in your bedroom, perhaps a lady cat, a pixie, or a god according to your beliefs. Put it at the head of the bed or in various corners to enhance the power of calling more money. It is important to clean the bedroom often because sacred things will like clean places different from unfortunate things that like dirt and clutter.

The bad things get out of the way. There should be no suckers or negative energy in our bedroom. These could be an old calendar, a dead clock, and newspaper portraits. Passed magazines, broken glass, rubbish, dust, and dirt, because these things will not cause luck. Should be taken away from our room is strictly prohibited.  

The position of the mattress must not be in line pg168 with the door. The position of our mattress should not match the position of the door. If the room has limited space, it should be further away from the door position. Because the ancients considered lying directly against the door as if lying in the way of a ghost passing through. It will make it easy to find ghosts and make them lurk in us

Do not bring plants into the bedroom. And the most important thing is not to bring plants into the bedroom. Even with a famous fortune-teller recommending that you should plant a summoning tree in your home. But those plants should be around the house, not in the bedroom. That’s because trees emit carbon dioxide during the night. Which is a gas that is harmful to the human body itself.

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