Materials used for rhinoplasty surgery

 Surgery to make the nose higher Whether it’s the bridge of the nose, the bridge of the nose, or the tip of the nose, materials must be added to fill it. The materials used must not be harmful to the body. and must not provoke inflammation Or resistance from the human body. If excluding nasal injections with various substances, then the materials used for supplementation can be divided into 2 major groups as follows.

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 biological tissue (biologic material)

 Biological tissue Including tissue from the user (autologous graft) is considered a method accepted by the medical community. Because there is no resistance from the body and if through the correct clean surgery There will be very little chance of infection. in which the tissue from the person used by himself when the surgery is done The body heals the tissues. new to the nasal tissue and create new small blood vessels to feed that tissue This allows the implanted tissue to survive and remain permanent. But there are disadvantages that must hurt and have more wounds in the body. From the point of surgery to remove tissue from other points, also making the surgery more It takes a long time and costs more for human tissue. that is commonly used to enhance the nose nowadays including cartilage It is the most popular type of tissue. Because the natural structure of the human nose consists mainly of cartilage. Adopting the same material is therefore the best alternative for cartilage in the body. that can be used to augment the nose from 3 areas together is the cartilage in the nose After surgery into the nose able surgeon Take some of the bone from the middle septum of the nose (septum). People who have a large nasal cartilage (alar cartilage) will have excess cartilage that can be reused after cutting and decorating the nasal tip. Advantages of using cartilage in this area: That is, you don’t have to hurt yourself in other areas. but Asian people Often have cartilage, small, thin and not strong. Therefore, it is insufficient to use the ear cartilage (conchal cartilage or ear cartilage). consisting of large cartilage which cartilage arcs convex behind the ear can be used to augment the nose without losing the shape of the ears Therefore, it is popular to be placed over the cartilage at the tip of the nose. or cover the end of the silicone To reduce the force acting on the skin around the tip of the nose hoping to slow down Penetration of a skilled surgeon’s silicone. The curved ear cartilage can also be straightened and adjusted to the structural axis of the nose. In addition, the cartilage behind the ear Can also be chopped thoroughly to be used as a natural filler Can help increase the height of the ridge and bridge of the nose as well. Surgery to remove the ear cartilage can be performed under local anesthesia. The surgical incision will be in the posterior mastoid region. The surgery takes about 15 minutes per side. depends on quantity cartilage to be used As for the pain after surgery, it is not much. It can be compared to being cut by a knife.

Disadvantages of ear cartilage are: Cartilage is limited. If you want to adjust the nose shape a lot Ear cartilage is often insufficient in which patients with very short nose ridges often have to use in conjunction with synthetic materials such as silicone, etc. If the cartilage has been surgically removed incorrectly or there is internal blood congestion, it may result in disfiguring the ear as well. Costal cartilage or rib cartilage Human ribs consist of hard bone and cartilage. Cartilage is located in the area. In the middle of the inner chest towards the nipple position The cartilage connects between the sternum and the ribs. Because of the ribs It is the most abundant source of cartilage in the body. Therefore, the amount is more than enough for Nose augmentation, the use of cartilage May take the whole rib cartilage or pass only part of the cartilage surface. Depends on the amount of cartilage that must be used. Acquired rib cartilage Surgeons often need small pieces to be used to set up pillars and beams for the new structure of the nose tip. Surgery can be performed in two ways. is to hone cartilage into sticks Fits like sharpening a silicone stick and then inserted under the periosteum to support To shake and raise your nose. And the second method is to take the rib cartilage to be chopped thoroughly and then inserted into the cavity under the periosteum. Then mold it to the desired shape.

 The disadvantage of using sharpened rib cartilage for nasal ridge augmentation is that the sharpened cartilage may warp later, causing the nasal shape to be distorted from the desired shape. The chopped cartilage (diced cartilage), if not finely chopped enough. It may be an uneven wild button, especially in people who use thin skin. In addition, the chopped cartilage can also flow into the that we don’t want Causing knots in areas that do not want to choose to use cartilage as a bar. or chopped cartilage to enhance the bridge of the nose, mostly depends on the aptitude and the surgeon’s unique technique Because it requires a unique technique to prevent the above problems, such as bringing some tissues. to wrap the chopped cartilage to prevent shedding or to use fibrin glue, etc. A significant risk from rib cartilage removal surgery is injury to the pleura. Because the rib cartilage is close to the pleura, there is a risk of pneumothorax. This is a life-threatening condition if not corrected promptly. or even if there is an injury to the tissue that actually covers the lungs, the plastic surgeon standardized Able to diagnose and repair the pleura promptly in the operating room. resulting in not occurring Complications dangerous to patients Rhinoplasty with Rib Cartilage It is a major surgery that takes a long time and has a high cost. There was more pain in the chest wound after surgery than using the ear cartilage. The decision to undergo surgery by this method should therefore be made. by plastic surgeon experts only

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