The popularity of trading commodities and FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market) has grown significantly in Australia over the last decade. The residents of big towns have seen a rise in users of trading platforms. The most popular domains are the MT5 in Australia. MetaTrader 5 has a commendable reputation amongst users. 

Many individuals in Australia seeking to start trading or switch to a new forum due to dissatisfied service on existing ones are constantly searching for advanced applications. The MetaTrader forum has frequent necessary and serviceable updates to stay relevant in the industry. The following section of the article will state all the recent updates on the platform in 2022. They have increased overall engagement in Australia by 10% compared to last year. The updates on the matrices and vectors are some prominent reasons for new traders to consider downloading and using this platform.

Features and updates of Vectors/Matrices in the MetaTrader 5 platform that has boosted user engagement:

The boom of MT5 in Australia is mainly due to the following features that are new additions to the platform:

  • A chat window is displayed when a trader opts to move from their account history to the trading operation or Market watch symbol. The UI (User interface) is active for the duration of the interaction with a detailed view of all the necessary financial information in one place. Both actions, the market switch and trade operation, change the financial chart to the selected item. Additional actions like changing the scale and calling F9 (trading dialogue) are applicable on the other charts.
  • The open new-order window option addition has saved users time. The user can open this window by double-clicking the “trade” option in the account history section. A command similar to it is incorporated in the context menu. 
  • There is also an addition of tick or real volumes when the user opens a new chart. It is crucial to assess the market data to understand the trade fluctuations. This feature’s availability is unknown to most traders. The update has improved the experience for new traders by allowing them to have an overall understanding of the stock or commodity market instantly. The trading volumes in real-time have top priority. The data is displayed on the chart if done by a broker. Otherwise, the tick volumes display is enabled.
  • The overall User Interface display is accelerated compared to the 2021 version of the software. The accessibility to the chart print functions is also better in this new version. It allows fixed saving print settings and other print page appearance settings to be customised according to the user’s convenience. The gridlines, header fonts, program name, etc., are all features added to help improve the print appearance. The print dialogue is also enlarged compared to the previous version to enhance the interface display.
  • In build 2450, the negative prices added have additional support incorporated by the MetaTrader 5 coding team. The Mark Watch Symbols are displayed appropriately and accurately due to the inclusion of zero values in the new update. 
  • Other minute miscellaneous bugs on the platform, such as phone number verification and user registration via mobile, were also mended. The developer teams have ensured the trader interactions with the platform are flawless.

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