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Who doesn’t want long, luscious hair that makes them feel like a diva? If your hair is naturally long, we admire you. However, most women do not have long tresses for various reasons, and fake hair is their most excellent option. Human hair extensions give your hair volume and length and the appearance of streaks if you use different coloured extensions.

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Why use hair extensions?

Hair extensions are mainly used to extend the length of one’s hair. It can also be used to disguise a terrible haircut. You could use a hair type’s colour tone for the fake hair instead of colouring your natural hair if you ever want to add extra colour and depth to your hair. Hair extensions also give the hair more volume. Extensions, for instance, makes thin hair look thicker. Hair extensions can also be used to change the style without trimming and changing the natural hair. If you use too many additives products and heat-activated hair equipment, your natural hair might be damaged.

Synthetic vs Natural

Wigs can be created from natural hair or synthetic fibres that look like real hair. Natural hair is the fake kind that will appear ideal and realistic, but it will also suffer from the same issues as natural hair – frizziness, for example. Synthetic hair extensions are more resilient, but they have a plastic-like appearance. Synthetic hair extensions are more expensive than natural hair extensions, but they last longer.

Hair extensions are classified into several categories.

There are five different kinds of hair extensions. Hair extensions with keratin, weaves, glue-taped, and fake clip-on hair. The keratin procedure uses a keratin-based dry “glue” on one end and a medium drying treatment to bond the fake hair to your scalp. Hair extensions put in with a thread that can last up to 3 months are known as weaves. Hair extensions taped to the hair from the top layer are known as taped hair extensions. Hair extensions that are glue-taped are identical to taped hair extensions, but glue is utilised to adhere the fake hair to the hair. Clip-on fake hair is temporary extensions with a clip at the top to secure the additions to the hair.

Maintain a routine.

How busy is your daily routine? Will you get the time to give the hair extensions the attention they require? Do you spend a lot of time outside in bad weather? Do you use a lot of heat-based hair products? You must choose fake hair and the type you would like to use based on your responses to these questions. Taped hair extensions, for example, will not perform well if you use a bunch of heat-based gadgets or do hot yoga. Keratin-applied hair extensions, on the other hand, will. However, if you frequently change your hair colour, keratin-applied extensions will not function and taped fake hair will be a better solution.

Matching products

It’s possible that what works with your natural hair won’t work for your hair extensions. You’ll need to invest in hair products to maintain your natural hair and the fake hair looking its best. Use a sulphate-free, non-stripping wash and a profoundly moisturising mask or conditioner to keep hair healthy. Use a good bristle brush to preserve your hair, including human hair extensions, clump-free. If you observe that your natural hair has become drier than usual due to products that do not reach the roots, divide your hair and apply leave-in hair conditioning sprays to make sure that all of your hair is hydrated.

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