Summer Essentials: The Best Swimsuits to Flatter Your Body Type

If one has to summarise the pain point for every beachwear, it’d be coupling comfort with confidence. Not all pieces of clothing can look as good in reality as it does on the magazine model.

Look no further if you are tired of your seasonal struggle to find flattering swimwear. You’ve found yourself the treasure chest of all the best swimsuits according to the body type.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Picking Your Precious Suit?

From crochets to satin tie-ups, the trends in swimwear are sizzling the fashion world like the summer heat. You might also find yourself glancing through the pages of your lifestyle magazines to choose the season’s favourite.

But hey! There’re a few points you need to check off your list:

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  • Keep trying different styles to know which one would suit your body the best.
  • Prefer the smaller size for your beachwear as the fabric will expand when wet.
  • Pick adjustable straps and tighter clothing pieces to ensure the suit covers your body well.


  • Don’t pick a swimsuit on the basis of the trendy silhouette it carries since it can end up looking odd.
  • Never choose a larger size in your swimwear without trying it first and assuming higher coverage.

What Are the Best Swimsuits You Can Buy for Your Body Type?

Now that you’re geared up with the basic precautions, it’s time you focus on flattery for your body!

1. Pear Shape

Do you have a more petite upper body and larger curves on the lower side? Congrats! You’re in the pear shape league!

So, to ensure the overall diva look for you, you’ll have to balance out the proportions. One way of achieving the same is drawing out focus on the specific body part.

A well-fitted skirt or thick-banded bottom will help you attract focus on the lower part of your body. At the same time, a plunging neckline can prove immensely successful in turning the eyes upwards.

Best Swimsuits: High-waist silhouetted swimwear, strappy monokinis, halter top one-piece etc.

2. Small Body Top

Whether you’re looking for a more prominent appearance or suitable clothing, a more petite upper body can use some fashion sense support.

The best part about the smaller chest is – they don’t need any hassles of underwire support or broader coverage. At the same time, you need to create an illusion of a heavier torso to bring proportion to the entire frame. Triangle tops, bold prints, embellishments etc., in your swimwear must be your preference.

Best Swimsuits: Multilayered swimsuits, string bikini sets etc.

3. Curvy Frame

You’ve got it all! From fuller busts to broader thighs, your frame carries all the curves.

The right swimsuit for you must include great support and a fitted structure. Further, if you want to keep the passer-by’s eyes away from your figure, you can avoid the monokinis or strappy swimsuits.

Best Swimsuits: Wrap-around swimsuits, striped bikinis, plunging lounge one-piece etc.

In A Nutshell

When picking out the right swimwear for your vacation days, you can’t ignore your comfort. At the same time, you have to look like the flawless goddess you are. It becomes non-negotiable to keep your body type in mind before grabbing your flattering swimwear.

Always remember, your swimsuits should be an add-on to your fun in the sun!

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