Top 5 Tarot Cards for Life Changes

No matter what you do, you cannot avoid change. Change is an inevitable part of life, and it can be an obstacle or an opportunity, depending on how you choose to treat it. Regardless of your attitude, though, it’s often a challenge to deal with. This is especially true if the change in question happened unexpectedly. Consulting with the most accurate psychics can help you predict when change is around the corner, and more importantly, identify the strengths you need to cope with in. Many of the top psychics use tarot cards for this purpose. Find out how the following five cards can help you understand the changes in your life.

How to Use Love Tarot Spreads

  1. Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of fortune card is a unique entry in the tarot. It is commonly said to represent fate, and it’s also emblematic of the cycles and changes in our lives. Unsurprisingly, then, it’s the top card for representing impending change. Whether it is a “good” card or a “bad” card depends on the other cards drawn — and the unique interpretation provided by the reader.
  2. Judgement. Contrary to the dire connotation this card’s name may evoke, the Judgement card can actually be a symbol of awakening. It calls for reflection and rebirth as you assess your actions. The imagery contained on the card reflects this, as the dead are beckoned from their graves to enjoy divine resurrection. How this card relates to your life will depend on whether it is upright or reversed, as well as the other cards that appear in the spread.
  3. The Tower. The Tower is one of the most striking cards in a tarot deck — literally. It depicts a tower that is struck by lightning as two people fall to the ground. This reflects a massive impending change and a monumental upheaval. You may see somebody you love disappear from your life, or you — or somebody else — may suffer a major injury or illness. In any case, the change in question usually isn’t good.

Being Open to Changes

  1. The Fool. The fool is the first card in the Major Arcana, and its imagery may at first seem comedic. The fool is poised atop a cliff, ready to step off in pursuit of a new journey. According to the best phone psychic reviews, though, this card does not indicate harm. On the contrary, it represents optimism, naiveté, and new beginnings — all of which are good. If this card appears in your spread, it likely means that you are about to begin a life-changing endeavor.
  2. Six of Swords. If you anticipate an impending emotional journey, the Six of Swords is a confirmation that a spiritual journey awaits you. This card can also represent the need to let go of baggage from past experiences and learn from your mistakes. The best pet psychics can tell you what the Six of Swords means in relation to your pet as well as other parts of your life.

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