Types of Bucket Trucks

There are several types of bucket trucks, and the difference between them is significant. A truck with a track is the most effective choice for uneven terrain, because it provides the most consistent and safe movement. Other types of bucket trucks are tracked and powered by gasoline or diesel. An articulated boom can increase the efficiency of rescue operations, and is more maneuverable for safety. These vehicles are used in construction and repair work, and can also move heavy equipment, such as air conditioning units, from the ground to the top.

The power source of a bucket truck is typically a diesel engine with 200 horsepower at 2300 RPM. Newer bucket trucks may have hybrid power systems that combine a diesel engine with an electric motor. The electric motor powers the aerial functions, while the diesel engine picks up the slack if the battery runs out. Generally, the power supply to the bucket truck depends on both types. An insulated truck is a great choice for the harshest terrain, and the insulation will protect the operator from the elements.

Ending Line

The capacity and weight of a bucket truck depends on its use. It is important to consider the ground conditions and supporting surface when purchasing one. When operating a bucket truck, the load must be securely attached to the truck’s fulcrum point and the maximum weight capacity is indicated on the manufacturer’s website. The maximum weight of a bucket is also important to consider. A vehicle with a fulcrum point can support the maximum weight of the load.

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