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mabl is an intelligent test automation company that enables software teams to run, manage and create apps. The company’s platform allows developers to automate end-to-end tests in the cloud and locally. Its customers include industry leaders like DataRobot, Chewy, Dollar Shave Club, NCR and Barracuda. In the last year, the company’s customer base has doubled.

mabl’s solution is easy to use and has a unified platform that gives users insights into the problems they’re facing quickly. Users can identify changes to a test page, get a snapshot of the test page and predict meaningful changes based on historical changes. The company also offers rich diagnostic data and native enterprise integrations.

Mabl also offers a low-code test automation solution that reduces software testing effort by automating end-to-end tests. It can find JavaScript errors in large apps in just hours. It also provides screenshots for each step in a test. Its tests have been found to be reliable and help speed up delivery of high-quality applications.

mabl’s customers include Fortune Global 2000 companies and industry leaders such as DataRobot, Chewy, NCR and Barracuda. It also has users in over 50 countries. It has been named a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave. It has also sponsored Hacker Noon.

The company’s mission is to change the state of QA. With the increasing speed of software development, QA teams cannot keep up. They don’t have the time to manually check for errors. Instead, they need to focus on more proactive tasks. They need reliable tests. Mabl aims to address this problem and enable software teams to run, manage and create apps faster. Its platform is built for continuous delivery and end-to-end API tests. It offers an intuitive dashboard and native enterprise integrations.

Mabl’s latest funding round is led by Vista Equity Partners and includes Presidio Ventures and Amplify Partners. The company plans to use the funds to expand its business and hire more people to meet demand. It will also add Shivan Patel to its board of directors. This new round also marks the end of Mabl’s first round of funding, which drew $40 million from investors.

mabl raises $40 million

mabl is a Boston based company that provides an intelligent test automation platform. It helps software developers automate their tests at scale, helping to reduce their overall testing effort. With the platform’s ease of use and rich diagnostic data, developers can get to work on their applications faster. The platform also helps users to run and manage their tests in one place, making the process simpler. The company has been growing at a steady rate and plans to use the new funding to expand its business and hire additional employees.

The company’s customers include Fortune Global 2000 companies such as Dollar Shave Club, NCR, and DataRobot. Currently, mabl’s customer base has doubled in size in the past year. The company plans to use its new funding to expand its operations around the world. It also has plans to add more employees to its award winning customer service team.

The company’s product is a SaaS intelligent test automation platform that helps software developers automate their tests at scale. It also features an easy to use dashboard, native enterprise integrations, and rich diagnostic data. The company also has a handful of notable awards to its credit, including a “Best Show” in Software Development Testing by SD Times. In fact, the company was named one of Built In Boston’s “Best Places to Work” in its 2021 rankings.

The company has also raised over $77 million in total funding. Its current round of funding is led by Vista Equity Partners, which focuses on enterprise software. It has also been joined by Amplify Partners, GV, and Presidio Ventures.


The company’s platform also enables developers to automate end-to-end tests in the cloud. The company also boasts a large customer base, including Fortune Global 2000 companies, industry leaders, and emerging companies. It plans to hire more employees to meet the demand, especially in the areas of customer support and sales. It has currently opened up a dozen tech positions at its headquarters in Boston

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