What are Cranes? Some Different Types of Cranes

Whenever you visit a construction site, you will get the experience of seeing the different types of very heavy equipment and machinery. The first thing you see on the construction site is the crane and its boom or mast up the, airlifting a load to shift from one place to another. This Crane Hire Perth is the most promising helping hand of labor. Obviously, without cranes, it would be impossible to develop big bridges, high rises, roads, or any other big construction project. 

You can say that a crane is the most essential for the building or deconstructing big structures. However, several different types of cranes are available to meet your specific needs of projects because they are most important for building several different structures. In this short guide, we will not only tell you about what is the crane but also share its different types. So, you can easily choose what is suitable for your project.

The Function of Cranes:

Cranes are the essential machine used to lift and move heavy equipment, machines, loads, goods, and materials. Moreover, they are used in various industry sectors, from construction to manufacturing to shipbuilding to material lifting. Using the simple pulley system, the crane gives some extra strength to the man and animal power. It will turn into the manpower tread wheel, which allows the cranes to lift very heavy objects and equipment. 

By the middle ages, they are also used to load and unload the ships at docks and assist in construction. Just like other machines in history, everything changed after the industrial revolution. Mechanical power using the steam engines converts the Crane Hire Perth into a true lifting machine. With the advancement of technology, with the help of hydraulic arms, electric motors and internal independent engines, nowadays, the lifting capacity of the cranes has become more advanced. There are details about a few different types of cranes below.

Crawler Crane:

Just like the wheeled carry deck cranes, crawler cranes are track vehicles. They don’t have wheels; because they are built on an undercarriage fitted with a pair of rubber tracks. Although this will limit the crane’s turning capacity, the track will allow them to use on soft ground sites without sinking. There is an attached telescope arm on some crawler cranes that help them change their size, making them highly adaptable on many terrains. However, unlike carrying decks, they are perfect for long-term projects. 

Mobile Cranes:

As the name indicates, they are one of the most basic types of cranes that we see on construction sites. They have a fitted steel truss, or telescope boom mounted to the platform. Mobile cranes can move from and around the site as required. However, the platform in question could be wheeled on the rail or sometimes fitted to the truck if required. Moreover, they are often used for general construction and roofing. Mobile cranes are powerful enough to load and move the materials and equipment.

Tower Crane:

They are also famous as the name of construction cranes because they are commonly used to construct tall buildings. They have amazing lifting capabilities, and because of their size, they have an operating cab that controls the whole crane. A luffing jib of the tower crane can move up and down. On the other hand, the fixed jib of the crane has an operating dolly that moves materials and equipment horizontally. The slewing unit of these cranes controls the rotation of the tower crane, which you can find on the top of the tower part.


There is no doubt that cranes are essential for any construction site. Many different types of cranes are used for specific needs. After reading this article, we are sure that you can learn a lot more about Crane Hire Perth and next time you want a crane for any purpose, you are well aware of which type of crane suits your needs.  

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