What are the reasons for denying my green card application?

vYour worst concern, if you’re like many other individuals who have applied for a green card in the US, is that your application would be rejected. This guide covers why US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) frequently leaves green card applications. Don’t worry; we provide you with the advice you need to avoid denial wherever feasible.

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Reasons Why Your Green Card Request May Be Rejected

The following are some of the most frequent grounds for denial of a green card application, while there are many others:

Not fulfilling the application’s requirements.

You must be eligible to apply for a green card in the United States. USCIS will reject your petition if you are not eligible. You must also submit or bring in the necessary paperwork and payments to fulfil the application requirements. Many applicants make the error of neglecting to read the guidelines carefully during the application process and omitting crucial supporting material that can influence USCIS to rule in their favour.

Crime histories

You are not inherently ineligible to obtain a green card if you have a criminal history. Some criminal records, meanwhile, are not acceptable. If you have a certain kind of criminal conviction, USCIS may outright reject your petition.

 Drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, and sex offences are the crimes that result in the refusal of green card applications the most frequently. However, minor infractions could prevent your green card application from being approved, especially if you have a history of committing those infractions.

Security issues

For an American green card, you don’t have to be a flawless person. On the other hand, you cannot endanger national security. You stand a reasonable possibility of having your green card petition denied by USCIS if you have participated in terrorist activities or intend to do so. 

You most likely represent a security risk and might not be granted a green card if you have previously engaged in any of these acts.

Health concerns

Applicants must meet the criteria for admission as permanent residents of the United States. These tests are conducted by doctors who have received government approval, and the outcomes could result in rejecting a green card.

Previous infractions of immigration law

A green card is typically ineligible for those who entered the country illegally. The US government could automatically reject your petition if you have a history of breaking immigration laws.

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