What is the impact of an extramarital affair on divorce in Alabama?

A divorce is never easy, but it can be harrowing if an affair causes it. The faithful partner must deal with the dissolution of their marriage and the betrayal of adultery. Due to the prevalence of no-fault divorce laws, adultery rarely affects the outcome of a divorce. The fact that Alabama is a little different could influence your divorce.

You shouldn’t let your legal needs slide as you deal with your spouse’s betrayal and divorce. Obtain the assistance of an uncontested divorce attorney Alabama.

Alabama Divorce Law: Adultery as Grounds

A fault-based or no-fault divorce is an option in Alabama. It is quicker to divorce when no fault is involved since no one is held responsible. But if you can demonstrate that your spouse or partner betrayed you while you were still married, it could benefit you in several ways .

Remember that you cannot just claim to the court that your partner was unfaithful and then use it to obtain what you want. If your partner had an affair, you must be able to show proof of it. It is challenging to find direct evidence, but it is not impossible if you engage a private investigator. Additionally, you can prove an affair by correspondence between the parties involved .

Can Your Partner Use Marital Assets for Their Affair?

You could be eligible to get a bigger portion of the assets if your spouse utilized marital money and assets to support their affair. Your funds should be compensated for the loss since you did not authorize them to be spent on your spouse’s extramarital affair partner.

The Effect of an Affair on Alimony

Even if the spouse with the lower income may be entitled to alimony, if they were unfaithful, the amount they receive may be far less. The inverse is also accurate. The partner who makes more money may be required to give their spouse more alimony if they have an extramarital relationship.

Taking Care of the Child After an Affair

Extramarital affairs can sometimes even impact who gets to keep the kids. This is less frequent than the other items on the list because an affair may have little effect on the divorced couple’s children.

The court will still want the kids to spend significant time with both parents, even if one of the partners has an affair. As a result, the court won’t alter custody unless the situation significantly harms the kids .

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